Timothy Sexton on finding the next June Bronhill

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Renowned conductor Timothy Sexton is set to take up the baton once again for the forthcoming major regional event Opera in the Paddock. The program promises to be both stimulating and exhilarating. This year will be the 6th time he takes up the baton as conductor for Opera in the Paddock, what keeps him coming back?  Simple, he really enjoys the opportunity to do things differently and to ” take part in events which communicate in a special way with audiences… It takes music out to people in a very memorable way.”

He is passionate about giving everybody the right to be able to access  high quality cultural events. “Access to culture is a birthright, no matter where you live. What we do with Opera in the Paddock is not elitist, but elite, in exactly the same way that we refer to athletes as being elite – i.e. artists at the top of their game. What better way to find the new June Bronhill (born in Broken Hill) or the new David Hobson (born in Ballarat) than to be out and amongst them, sharing that experience?” he said.

He believes there are lots of other benefits to performing in the bush, from the wonderful sometimes “electric” reaction from the audiences, to the strong sense of community that always feels, like coming home (he was born in county South Australia).

And of course there is the wonderful experience of conducting under the stars, he has a passion for Astronomy having built his own telescope from scratch at the age of 12 and he has his own observatory at home.
” The stars add that extra sense of space and magic to a performance, especially on a very still night.

However his most memorable moments are ” the moments when that magic occurs and there is no barrier between the stage and the audience. It is at those moments that time stands still.”

Read the full article with Timothy Sexton in this month Focus Magazine. 

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