25 March, Mimosa, Delungra

Gates open at 3.30pm. Performance commences at 6pm.
BYO seating, food and beverage.
Food and hampers available on site.
Bookings for hampers available are essential.General Admission. Unreserved entry to the paddock from 3.30pm.
Seating is not supplied. BYO folding chairs.

The concert is held in a rural paddock with risks associated with being in a bush environment. For those young children please be aware there is a creek nearby. Please take appropriate measures for your own safety and have a great night!

24 March, Lazenby Hall, UNE, Armidale

Performance commences at 7pm

A bar will be operating at Lazenby Hall from 6pm. NO BYO available

Reserved seating only.


Tickets that have been paid for cannot be refunded or returned. The management reserves the right to change the cast at any time. Changes in the cast or the programme do not entitle holders to
return or exchange tickets.

Opera in the Paddock, Mimosa, is an open-air event. The venue is uncovered so please come prepared should the weather be inclement. We also recommend that guests come prepared with warm and rainproof clothing. Opera North West is committed to going ahead with the performance of Opera in the Paddock even in doubtful weather conditions. In extreme or dangerous weather conditions, the performance will be cancelled on advice from the SES or police. Should this situation arise, Opera North West will not be responsible for auxiliary expenses including travel, accommodation or hospitality which you have arranged in conjunction with the performance.


By purchasing a ticket to “Opera in the Paddock”, operated by Opera North West Ltd ACN 122 172 570 (“Opera North West”) you agree to the following terms and conditions (including on behalf of any person to whom you give or sell a ticket and any person on whose behalf you purchase a ticket):

  1. Where Opera in the Paddock is scheduled to be held outdoors, you will need to bring (or, if relevant, wear):
    1. appropriate clothing, protection and sustenance in the event of rain, wind, heat or cold;
    2. such food and drink as you may reasonably want to consume;
    3. any torch or other safety equipment you might reasonably require; and
    4. for ground seating, any blankets or other equipment to make your evening more comfortable and enjoyable (provided also that you do not block the view to the stage or otherwise interfere with the enjoyment of other patrons as a result of your choice of seating).
  2. You will follow all directions from Opera North West staff, volunteers and contractors and/or other venue staff in relation to (where relevant) parking, the use of amenities and behaviour before, during and after “Opera in the Paddock” and while on the premises of the venue.
  3. Opera North West may, without notice, change the programme, performers, starting time and venue, including as a result of illness, indisposition, accident or other mishap, weather and/or safety concerns.
  4. Where “Opera in the Paddock” is scheduled to be held outdoors, Opera North West may, in its sole discretion (not to be exercised unreasonably) postpone or cancel or discontinue “Opera in the Paddock” including:
    1. as a result of rain or other inclement weather;
    2. in light of prevailing site or equipment conditions; or
    3. if Opera North West has reasonable concerns relating to the safety of any person (including performers and/or audience members).

In such cases, Opera North West will use best endeavours to provide alternate arrangements (for example, relocation to an alternate venue, a shortened programme and/or an alternate starting time for the performance) but except as required by law will not be liable for any failure to do so.

  1. Except as required by law, however, tickets are otherwise non-refundable for either the scheduled indoor or outdoor performances (including, for example, if you change your mind after purchasing tickets or you are otherwise unable or unwilling to attend).
  2. You accept that attendance at any event – and particularly an outdoor event on a property in the late afternoon and evening in the Australian country-side – carries certain dangers and risks. Except as required by law, neither Opera North West (including its staff, volunteers and contractors), the owners or residents of “Mimosa” (together, “the Indemnified”) nor the owners or staff of any other venue at which “Opera in the Paddock” is performed will be liable for any loss, damage or injury (including property damage, personal injury, economic and consequential loss) you suffer as a result of attending or not attending Opera in the Paddock, however, that loss, damage or injury arises (including by negligence and including as a result of any action or omission by other ticket-holders, visitors, guests and/or any volunteer, staff, agent or contractor of the Indemnified).
  3. In particular, except as required by law, Opera North West will not be liable for:
    1. any consequential loss, damage, injury, delays, additional expenses or inconvenience (including any travel and/or accommodation costs); or
    2. Trybooking’s booking fee if Opera in the Paddock is postponed or cancelled.
  1. Where Opera North West’s liability cannot be excluded or modified by law, its liability is limited to the minimum permitted by law.
  2. Provided you do not unreasonably interfere with the enjoyment of Opera in the Paddock by any other person (including performers), you are free to take still photographs of performances during Opera in the Paddock, using hand-held cameras and phones. The following, however, are strictly prohibited:
    1. using flash photography during performances;
    2. using selfie-sticks, tripods, monopods and similar photographic equipment; and
    3. taking film or video footage or making sound recordings performances.
  3. Bookings are subject to availability.
  4. All prices quoted are in Australian dollars and include both GST and the booking fee and prices are subject to change without notice.
  5. Opera North West may charge an administration fee to replace any lost, stolen, misplaced or substantially damaged ticket.
  6. Opera North West and venue staff, agents and contractors reserve the right to refuse you entry or to ask you to leave the premises (or to have you removed) if Opera North West, in its sole discretion, decides that you are affected by alcohol or drugs, are inappropriately dressed or you are otherwise behaving in a way that is reasonably likely to interfere with the performers, with Opera North West staff, volunteers or contractors or with the enjoyment of other ticket holders. No refunds will be issued in such cases.
  7. Opera North West and venue staff, agents and contractors reserve the right to refuse you entry if your ticket is defaced or damaged or if you cannot produce a valid ticket.
  8. Opera North West may vary these terms and conditions at any time. Any variations become effective on the day immediately after their publication on the Opera in the Paddock website, but apply only to tickets purchased after that date.
  9. If any part of these terms and conditions is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it will be disregarded to the extent of the invalidity and the rest of these terms and conditions will remain in full force and effect.
  10. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia, and you submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of that state in relation to any claim, demand or proceeding you may have or bring relating in any way to:
    1. your purchase of tickets for Opera in the Paddock;
    2. Opera in the Paddock;
    3. Opera North West (including its staff, agents and contractors);
    4. the residents and/or owners of “Mimosa”; and
    5. any other venue at which “Opera in the Paddock” is presented (including their staff, agents and contractors).
  11. You will bring all of the above terms and conditions to the attention of all other persons on whose behalf you purchase tickets and to whom you give tickets.